Crafted a unique brand identity for an IT security services provider in the US.


Consltek, a managed security services provider for healthcare, needed a new visual identity to reflect their expertise and commitment to securing and streamlining healthcare IT operations. The goal was to create a logo and stationery design that conveys trust, professionalism, and innovation in the healthcare technology space.


We conducted a thorough analysis of Consltek’s brand values, target audience, and competitors in the healthcare IT industry. Key findings included the need for a modern, clean design that emphasizes security and reliability while maintaining a human touch.


Based on the discovery phase, we defined the following objectives for the branding project:

  1. Create a logo that symbolizes Consltek’s core values of security, efficiency, and innovation
  2. Develop a color palette that evokes trust, professionalism, and warmth
  3. Design stationery items that consistently communicate Consltek’s brand identity across various touchpoints

We explored multiple logo concepts, focusing on abstract symbols and typography that represent Consltek’s services and values. 

  1. A maze, symbolizing the complexity in IT security and protection
  2. A “C” within the maze, representing Consltek’s initial and commitment to customer-centricity
  3. A modern, sans-serif typeface for the company name, conveying professionalism and clarity

Primary: Open Sans, a modern, sans-serif typeface that conveys strength and clarity

Secondary: Lato, a complementary sans-serif typeface used for body text and secondary information


A combination of Orange, Grey and White to evoke trust, security, and innovation, with accents of warm gray for balance and approachability.


Consltek needed a logo that effectively communicates their core values and services in the healthcare IT industry.

The visual identity needed to strike a balance between conveying technical expertise and maintaining a human, approachable touch.

Consltek required a consistent brand identity across various touchpoints, including stationery items.


Created a logo featuring a maze and “C” to symbolize security, protection, and customer-centricity.

Developed a color palette that combines deep and light blues for trust and innovation, with warm gray accents for balance and approachability.

Designed business cards, letterheads, and envelopes that consistently apply the new logo, color palette, and typography.


A cohesive visual identity that effectively communicates Consltek’s values and expertise in the healthcare IT industry

Increased brand recognition and recall among target audiences

Positive feedback from clients and partners, praising the professional and modern look of the new branding


A well-designed logo can effectively symbolize a company’s core values and services

Striking the right balance between professionalism and approachability is crucial for building trust with target audiences

Consistent application of branding elements across touchpoints is essential for creating a cohesive brand identity

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