Muditha Zero Waste

Crafted a unique website for the first Zero Waste online Supermarket in India.


Muditha Zero Waste, India’s first innovative online zero-waste supermarket,  Website redesign prioritizing ease of use, clear information hierarchy, and visual cues to guide sustainable choices. Goals – Increase average session duration, reduce cart abandonment, and grow their customer base.


User Testing revealed Revealed common frustrations with other eco-stores (overwhelming product lists, unclear refilling processes, etc.) Competitor sites were either too text-heavy or lacked practical guidance on how to make the zero-waste switch. 


Target Audience: Eco-curious individuals and those already committed to zero-waste, all seeking a trustworthy, easy-to-navigate store.

UX Objectives: Reduce friction in finding products, educate without overwhelming, and foster a sense of progress rather than guilt.


Navigation: Clear top-level categories with filtering.

Product Pages: Emphasis on benefits, ‘How to Use’ sections, refill instructions.

Progress Indicators: A cart icon that visually fills as items are added, encouraging completion.

‘Success Stories’: Short customer spotlights highlight the ease of adopting zero-waste swaps.


Primary: Rounded sans-serif for for clean readability at sizes and warmth – ITC Avant Garde.

Secondary: Slightly bolder weight of the same font for hierarchy, maintaining a cohesive look – Gothic Std Demi.


Thrive Green: Mid-tone representing both nature and dependability.

Harvest Gold: Conveys premium freshness and cleanliness.

Super Cream: Soft off-white to minimize eye strain.


Photography Constraints: Sourcing high-quality, on-brand images of diverse “zero-waste setups” in Indian homes proved difficult and expensive.

Icon Ambiguity: User testing revealed confusion around the icons representing refillable products. While intended to be eco-friendly shorthand, some users found them cryptic.

Search Functionality: Initial search functionality lacked autocomplete, making it difficult to find specific products, especially with imperfect spelling or remembering exact names.


Illustration Focus: Crafted a series of stylized illustrations depicting common household items and their zero-waste alternatives. 

Labeled Icons: A small but impactful solution was adding clear, concise labels below the refill icons (e.g., “Refill Pouch”, “Compostable Container”). This immediate clarification improved user understanding and product discovery.

Enhanced Search: Implementing an autocomplete feature significantly reduced user frustration. As users typed, product suggestions appeared, saving time and clicks to find what they needed. This also helped with typos and variations in product names.


Average Session Duration: +22%

Cart Abandonment Rate: -15%

Returning Visitors: +10% (month over month)

Increased blog traffic due to better content visibility.


‘Zero-waste’ needs to be paired with usability to succeed.

Small visual cues (progress bars) can have a big impact on behavior.

Success stories build community and provide social proof.

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