OG Farms

Crafted a unique brand identity for the OG Farms, a farm to fork hydroponics service.


OG Farms, a hydroponic startup aiming to disrupt the food supply chain with fresh, locally-grown produce. Goals – Create a logo, website, and social presence that positions OG Farms as modern, sustainable, and quality-obsessed. To attract early adopters, investors, and potential B2B partners (restaurants).


Target Audience: Eco-conscious foodies, chefs seeking consistent supply, tech-savvy consumers. Research showed farm-to-table clientele prioritize freshness, sustainability, and often hold higher income levels and subscription based models work best for this service.


Brand Personality: Innovative, transparent, with a focus on superior flavor and freshness.

Design Objectives: Clean aesthetic that subtly hints at technology’s role. Highlight the produce as the hero.


Logo: A simple icon that  combines a leaf with water (hydroponics).

Website: Prioritizing easy ordering, farm ‘storytelling’, recipe inspiration.

Social Media: Mix of behind-the-scenes farm content with user-generated recipes featuring OG Farms produce.


Primary: Rounded sans-serif for for modernity and web-friendliness – ITC Avant Garde.

Secondary: Rounded Sans-serif (sparingly) for a ‘farm fresh’ feel – Gothic Std Demi.


Lush Green: A bright, grassy tone embodying health and growth.

Aqua Blue: Bright blue symbolizing hydroponics.

Turquoise: To evoke technological advancement.


Sci-fi’ Stigma: Early designs leaned too sterile, alienating some consumers.

Overly Local: Initial messaging felt limiting for potential scaling beyond the launch city.


Emphasized Natural Elements: Wood textures added to the website, focus on the quality of the produce, not just the tech.

Global Focus: Highlighted the benefits of hydroponics for food security more broadly, not solely about the local angle.


Website Traffic: 15% increase, exceeding initial goals.

Social Engagement: Shares of infographics and ‘success story’ posts up by 10%.

Conversion Rates: Improved by 10% due to clearer subscription models.


Hydroponics needs to connect to the joy of eating, not just abstract benefits.

Sustainable technology is most compelling when it delivers a superior product.

A farm-to-fork model has B2B and B2C appeal, tailor the messaging accordingly.

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