Muditha Zero Waste

Crafted a pitch deck for the retail franchisee model by MZW.


Muditha Zero Waste, looking to expand their successful online model into brick-and-mortar franchises. They asked us to develop a pitch deck highlighting Muditha’s marketing strategy to attract franchisees and to position them as a forward-thinking brand with strong support, not just a product supplier.


Target Franchisee: Motivated by sustainability, but also seeking a business model with proven success and guidance. Many zero-waste stores rely heavily on grassroot marketing, which presents challenges for scaling. Muditha had an existing brand recognition, cohesive visual identity, and an established online customer base they can leverage.


Brand Message: Zero-waste made accessible, empowering customers and franchisees to be part of the solution.

Marketing Objectives: Drive local store awareness, foster community, and demystify low-waste living.


Pitch Deck Visuals: Infographics showing Muditha’s growth, social media examples, and clean, modern imagery aligning with the brand.

Franchisee Support: Highlight marketing templates, educational resources, and co-branding opportunities.


Misconception of Zero Waste: Potential franchisees may view the concept as too niche or inaccessible to a broad customer base.

Lack of Marketing Experience: Franchisees might lack the expertise or time to create impactful marketing materials.

Overcoming Greenwashing: The market is increasingly saturated, making it hard to stand out from less-authentic brands.

Challenges of Scaling: Shifting from grassroots efforts to supporting a franchise network requires a more structured marketing approach.


Reframing Zero Waste: Emphasize the practical, money-saving solutions Muditha offers customers, not just the ideals.

Franchisee Marketing Toolkit: Provide templates (print and digital), with a focus on visual storytelling to reduce the time burden.

Brand Differentiation: Supply franchisees with data points on Muditha’s impact, social proof, and certifications (if applicable).

Co-Marketing Campaigns: Develop seasonal promotions and resources franchisees can easily participate in locally.


Increased Franchise Inquiries – 25%

Stores Converted to Zero Waste: 10%


Make it Easy: Zero-waste shouldn’t mean more work for customers or franchisees. Pre-packaged marketing assets are crucial.

Storytelling Over Preaching: Focus on solutions, not the problems, to avoid alienating potential customers and franchisees.

Partnerships Build Trust: Collaborate with local sustainability-focused groups to increase brand reach and credibility.

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